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Everyone leaves the Palace...
And the credits roll.
Aya was elated. Despite many of them going a completely different way than she had intended, she had filled her camera roll with exclusive shots from an event that would never, ever be replicated. What happened inside the royal palace on the night of October 16th would be a scoop that only her Bubunmaru would print, and it would bring sales to a height never seen before. But there was work to be done for that article, and so she brought out her wings, and started her long (personal) flight towards Gensokyo. Character: Aya Shameimaru Character source: Touhou Project / Real-life folklore (Crow tengu yokai) Player: Zelraat Objective: Gather embarrassing photos for a new "cringe compilation" rubric in my newspaper. Motivation: If I can pull this off, my next entry's sales are sure to skyrocket! Customers love to laugh at people in embarrassing situations! Ability: With your magic, you can manipulate the wind to listen in and spy on any area that you are aware exists! You won't be able to hear everything perfectly, but you should be able to hear enough to get what's important. Special Item: Polaroid Camera - You can take pictures with this camera! When you take a picture, a photo will come out the front, and after a phase, it will develop into a visible photo! Your camera roll starts with 5 photos. Ability: Once you have enough photos that you're satisfied with, you can use your magic to publish an article with your photos, along with any text you like, everywhere! All players are guaranteed to see your report. You can only do this once.
Objective Status:SUCCESS
Aya took 5 photos: 1. p5-diningroom: Toriel and Porygon going “ooooooo” with Aya faceplanted into the ground 2. A weird picture of Porygon evolving into Porygon2 3. A selfie of Aya with Sylas flossing 4. A picture of lots of people in in panic after typing the wrong name into the machine 5. A photo of the Maid as she is leaving. The photos will be officially released when the journal is published (will be posted at a later date once Zel finishes writing it)
Zeke knew it was not quite justice, but it didn’t matter. He was taking Turters back onto his adventures. His mascot- no, his companion was not truly evil. Just like he really knew that Zeke von Genbu was not truly the greatest at everything ever… People are complicated. Zeke knew that. It might have seemed that Zeke was completely self-absorbed, but he had seen a lot during his travels. He knew everyone could change, and everyone could heal. They would find a new path forward, together. Character: Zeke Character source: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Player: TehFriedWaffles Objective: Find My Turtle, Turters and defeat someone in battle (preferably if they are evil or if they have my turtle and refuse to give them to me or just spar, anything works really) Motivation: Turters is my pet Turtle, he is the mascot of team Zeke! Also Zeke has a strong sense of justice and is willing to just fight just cause with little to no reason. Skill: +5 roll to any action that is boastful or show-offy. If this action fails to show off and instead embarrasses you, -5 roll to the next action. Special Item: Big Bang Edge - You have a bigass sword. It's rather dull but has tremendous strength as a blunt object. Ability: Pandoria - You may summon your Blade, Pandoria, to use electric magic however you wish, or to do anything else a normal person can do. This is a secondary action, but has a 2-phase cooldown as she stays in her gem form to rest. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Defeated Porygon in battle in p2-cemetery by hitting a home run with his Big Bang Edge, sending Porygon flying. Also defeated the front gate alongside other players in p7-hall. And also reunited with Turters.
Wayne didn’t really understand what was going on this whole time. His whole life has been pretty insane and random, but this was another thing altogether. He got a good amount of beauty sleep done, though, and felt refreshed leaving for his home turf as everyone else seemed to be tired for some reason. Character: Wayne Character source: Hylics Player: Yhenestik Objective: Get three other people to join a team with me to defeat a greater evil Motivation: Evil bad. manipulate townspeople into thinking a certain way. its my duty to prevent that from happening Skill: +3 to your action if you are doing something in a group of four. Ability: Space Shurikens - A quick powerful attack. Will always go first before all other actions. Ability: Calibration - Can be used on any other player. Increases their current roll by +7. Ability Hypno Sigils - Has a 70% chance for each other character in the room to fall asleep, canceling their movement and action. They'll wake up when the next phase begins. All players who fall asleep will heal 0.5 hearts. Will fail for some characters in some situations. Weakness: Screw this "Will" business. You're done with that. All of your abilities have a 2 phase cooldown. That means that after you use an ability, you can't use the same ability again for another 2 phases. Objective Status:FAILED
Wayne was just chilling
Lúcio went off with Sylas and Sarmenti after the goodbyes, sensing that the rather unstable characters would attract revolutions and fights against… well, if not oppression, then something at least. What he saw here wasn’t exactly his style of emancipation or resistance, but he did feel satisfied with what he got done. This was another group of people saved, exclusively and undoubtedly, by him. Character: Lúcio Character source: Overwatch Player: 404 Objective: Free someone or a group of people from the control of an oppressor using the oppressor’s own resources, technology or weapons against them. Motivation: "Damn! My last two missions did NOT work out as planned. I'm tired of looking for instruments and USBs, I wanna make a difference! Freeing my community wasn't enough, I know there are more people out there who need my help. No one should be forced to put up with oppression, so I'm going put an end to it wherever I can; be it through music or by force. Starting with... wherever I end up next I guess." Skill: +5 if your action involves music or is done in a way that produces something musical Ability: You learned a lot about stealing things from your adventures at the Mystery Tower. If a player isn't doing anything with an item you know they're holding that phase and they don't apprehend you stealing it, then you'll be able to steal it almost guaranteed! (Be careful though, this likely won't work if they're using the item!) Ability: You know how to operate complicated machinery Special Item: Sonic Amplifier - You finally found it! This sonic amplifier can be used to heal another player 1 heart of damage OR can be used to push back another player with its sound waves for a weak but disarming attack that if lands well (>=14), might cancel a player's action.
Objective Status:SUCCESS
Helped S.H.I.V.A. download Porygon2 into the machine that had trapped everyone and freed everyone from the control of CAT/BOX’s experiment. This led to the machine being reprogrammed to release everyone. He even used a spoon he picked up from the diningroom that belonged to the Palace.
Heavy had reunited with Sasha, and it was time to head back to the other mercs. While he didn’t understand all that was going on the previous night inside the palace, he definitely had things to tell the rest of the team. Maybe it would even make Engy drop his jaw. Ahh, I could go for a delicious sandvich right now… Character: Heavy Character source: Team Fortress 2 Player: meepster Objective: Find Heavy's gun Sasha. (If anyone touched heavies gun, beat them up for at least one heart of damage). Must use the gun to then help someone else with their objective. Motivation: Heavy has an emotional attachment to Sasha, it’s also a tool he needs to complete his job which he is dedicated to due to how important he is for providing for his family. Status: You start with 5 hearts instead of 3 Skill: +5 if your action would result in causing someone damage. Skill: +3 on all rolls if you're holding your gun, Sasha. Skill: +3 if you post a piece of audio or video with the Heavy (Youtube or tts) in reaction to something someone else says. You can never use the same clip twice. The bonus will only count if the GMs can understand why you posted what you did and how it relates to someone else's message. Objective Status:MIXED
Successfully got back Sasha on the last phase and punched Matt, who was holding it most of the game, however did not help someone with their Objective with the gun.
Jevil didn’t get to exactly drop anyone’s HP to 0, as he likes so dearly to usually play in his games, but he still felt good about all the chaos he had sown. Motioning to leave with all of the undersea train people, he instead ran back and wrangled himself into the Taxi to mess with Spamton in the backseat. The salesman seemed extremely annoyed at the jester’s antics, but Jevil knew he was doing what he was born to do, and what he had been doing the whole night. Chaos, chaos! Character: Jevil Character source: Deltarune Player: Maack Objective: Prevent 2 people from completing their Objective with CHAOS Motivation: Nothing matters, and everything is a game! Skill: +5 if an action you submit would result in something not going the way another player intends. Ability You can perform two actions per phase. The roll will be applied to both actions. Weakness: If you do two actions in a row for three phases in a row you'll get TIRED and lose the ability. Status You're really hard to kill. You have 4 hearts. Ability: CHAOS MAGIC - On any odd numbered phase, instead of using two actions, you can target anything, a player, object, the area, anything, and use CHAOS MAGIC on them. In order to use this magic, submit a word from the list of words that were voted on in the PICK THREE category, and a special one-shot ability will be invented based on the word and used on whatever/whomever you target. The roll will determine how powerful the ability is. You can never choose the same word twice. The ability is guaranteed to do something unexpected to the target. Anything anyone publicly predicts your ability will do is guaranteed to NOT happen. You are allowed and encouraged to share the list of PICK THREE words. Objective Status:FAILED WHO CARES??
Did not impede anyone’s Objective.
Nothing matters, and everything is a game!
For [HeartBreak], the night had been slightly overwhelming with all the people around, but it had managed to help others in their goals, and make new connections for itself too. While it had not found the wholeness it came searching for, sitting on the train with Joelle, Ducky, and Bloony definitely made it feel like some part of its soul had become fuller. Character: [HeartBreak] (pronouns it/its) Character source: OC Player: TollyCastle Objective: Become "whole" through any means possible, preferably though not necessarily with fragments of original soul Motivation: [HeartBreak] is half of a person, its desperate yearning to become whole drives its being to exist
Status: Being only half a person, you start with a max of only 1.5 hearts instead of the standard 3. Skill: +5 to your action if your discussion with other players that phase leads to a new discovery about yourself, your feelings, or what you truly want. Ability: You're so much blood. You leave a trail of blood everywhere you go. Ability: You can't do much as a half-human. There's no hope for finding the other half of your soul. They have been scattered across the unobservable universe. Your only hope of becoming whole again is to join yourself with ANOTHER soul. This is not possible while someone is alive due to the laws of metaphysics, but some prior knowledge that stayed intact during the accident tells you one specific horrible way you can achieve wholeness: by hijacking the soul of someone who is actively dying. If you throw yourself and absorb your body into a player who has immediately died that phase, then you will be able to steal half of that player's soul. When this happens, you will transform into a whole being and will likely gain some of the player's abilities. Additionally: the dead player will no longer be able to post as a living player like normal, but a private chat will be created for you and that player that will represent your personal headspace together. Objective Status:FAILED
Never had the opportunity to become whole since nobody died.
Zakuro was PUMPED after the long night! But that was soon turning into tiredness, and she ended up leaving on her own back home. She got on a boat and looked at the waves going past her as she thought about recounting all that had happened to Carrot. Maybe she can think over her demon-slaying business some more, after her talks with Aaliyah… Character: Zakuro Character source: Dynamix Player: Plasman Objective: Rid the place of demons. Motivation: Despite being rather manic and quick to resort to violence, her goal is a rather noble one. Zakuro’s primary goal is to drive out (kill) all of the demons that have made it on Earth. Zakuro is normally a part of a duo with Carrot (another Dynamix character), who decided to team up after Carrot saw a vision of some sort of demons laying destruction to the world. Zakuro was the only person who both believed Carrot and was willing to help in ridding the world of demons. Carrot saw of sightings around the area of the game, and the two set out to another mission, however upon arriving, Zakuro finds herself alone. What happened to Carrot is as of yet unknown, but Zakuro decides to dismiss it as her simply ditching and decides she will deal with the issue on her own.
Skill: +5 if your action is the polar opposite in tone from your previous action. Ability/Skill: +3 to your action if you include a relevant song as a YT link in your action. OR +5 if it's from a rhythm game. The song will play in the game world as you perform your action. OR +7 if it's from a rhythm game and it's a fucking banger. The bonus won't take effect if the GMs don't agree that your song is relevant to your action. Special Item: Demon-slaying sword - This crimson sword can be used as a standard weapon for a powerful attack. But according to legend, it is also incredibly useful at sending demons back to where they came from. However, as far as you know, there aren't any demons from hell nearby? (No players, including NPCs, or GMs are canonically from Hell and do not automatically fall under your objective) Ability: Demon Sense - What exactly a Demon is hard to exactly define, but you know a demon when you see one. If you see a demon, the GMs will notify you that they fall under the definition of a demon. *[A demon according to the definition is: The player who Aaliya summons, and ALL resurrected dead people. Once this resurrection mechanic is revealed to Zakuro, the GMS will reveal privately via bot DM that resurrected dead people fall under the definition of a demon (this mechanic was never introduced since no one died)] * Objective Status:SUCCESS
Immediately used her demon-slaying sword to take down Sylas as soon as he was summoned from the other side by Aaliya’s demon summoning ritual.
Ankelo was definitely a source of much knowledge, but Caryopteris knew that it was the people from all over the world she met that truly gave her the most material to bring back to Purevale. She was delighted to spread the ideology of her religion, and perhaps one day she could make it replace that “christianity” they talk so much about in these parts… Character: Caryopteris Character source: OC Player: Zucchini King 12 Objective: Collect three pieces of knowledge about a place’s another player’s history, culture, or religion to bring back to the Purevale Motivation: Cary is thoroughly indoctrinated in the religion of the Purevale, which worships gardening as a means to achieve a kind of nirvana. She believes the Purevale to be a higher form of society achieved through the religion, and she believes that by contributing knowledge, she is furthering its cause. Skill: +5 to your action if you learn something new about your location's history, culture, or religion. It must be something substantial enough to learn something new about how other people used to or currently live. Skill: +3 to your action AND to another player's action if you exchange cultural history with each other. You must learn something new about the world they come from or the people in their society and they must learn something new about your world or society. Special Item: Bouquet of Flowers - You have a large beautiful bouquet of flowers. They don't do anything. They're just really nice. They bring you peace. If you give one to another player with whom you exchange valuable information, that flower may give them a tiny bonus for certain types of actions. The flower likely won't do anything if your exchanges with that person so far haven't been significant, but they'll likely appreciate the gesture.
Objective Status:SUCCESS
Learned several facts about other players and the country of Aneklo, including Aya Shameimaru’s world, Emperor Kellanved’s home, a thorough history of the gem war by Ruby, and others.
😎 2
As Jayfeather snuggled up into Moon’s lap on the underwater train, he thought how odd it was that he'd found himself in this situation. Maybe he was mellowing out with age, but darn if he wasn’t comfortable right here, right now. The new phones would help bring more peace and less battling between the clans, and that’d make his life much easier too. Overall, he had to admit to himself; the night wasn’t all that bad, since it resulted in such profound new crossings of ways. Character: Jayfeather Character source: Warrior Cats Player: AClowderOfCats Objective: Heal any injured person that I meet. Motivation: A medicine cat is still a healer, even when away from their clan. Skill: +5 if you empathize with another character's strong feelings and actively express the same strong feelings in your own action. Ability: Despite being blind, you see visions sometimes. It's not something you can control. It just happens. Ability/Special Item: Jayfeather's Herb Pouch - You can by default heal any player you can currently sense for 1 heart. Your healing will be more effective for players for whom you share a stronger bond. Weakness: You're blind. Actions that do not account for this will receive a hash roll penalty. [Sometime after the first few phases, Jayfeather will gain a spy action and see those on the other side with heavy spy filtering. Note: he can heal any player he can sense. This includes those in visions.] Objective Status:FAILED
Everyone was damaged by the machine at the end of the game, and Jayfeather did not heal them. (This could have been emotional healing, for example with a rousing speech)
sungales 1
Sapphire had fused with her love, and was ready to enjoy life again as Garnet. Beach City awaited her, and all her friends there. The darkness of the night had stepped out of morning’s way, and she couldn’t help but feel there was a metaphor to be grabbed in that. Character: Sapphire Character source: Steven Universe Player: Cameron Objective: Find and fuse with Ruby Motivation: Love Ability: You can make it very cold. So cold that everything in your area freezes over. This will give roll penalties to all actions in that area involving heavy physical activity. An area you are not in cannot stay frozen. Ability: You can use your Future Vision to look into the possible futures and receive a vision on a topic you submit. The submitted topic can only be a max of THREE words. In response to your submission, the GMs will provide you with a vision of the future relating to that topic. The accuracy of the vision will typically be the GM's best guess for possible future events in the game given their full knowledge of the game (not including what is posted in vault), however, an especially low roll may provide misleading visions. Submitting a topic for Future Vision can be done for free alongside your action on every even-numbered phase. Format your submission as: FUTURE VISION: [Max three words] Ability: Fusion - You can fuse with Ruby! To fuse with her, you must perform a successful fusion dance with her. This dance will fail if either of you is emotionally distressed or are otherwise in strong disagreement. Once you fuse, you will transform into Garnet and will gain a new profile with new abilities. A private channel with you and Ruby will also be created that will represent Sapphire and Ruby's headspace together. You will be responsible for acting as both of them at once as Garnet. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Finally fused with Ruby on phase 11.
Sirius was exhausted after a long day of hard work. It had been a resounding success, though - she had connected so many people to share so many emotions… with a little bit of tasty pain thrown into the mix too. Looking at the people leaving, she smiled to herself. All of them will, one day, be truly connected… Character: Sirius Character source: Re:Zero Player: Pablo Objective: Force at least 1/4th of the playerbase (28 player total) to feel "love" by linking their emotions together for one phase Motivation: To Sirius, love is the ultimate form of expression, and to show that love the best way is for people to be connected at the deepest level. No matter what emotion someone is facing, as long as they are able to understand each other, that is love Skill: +5 to anything requiring physical strength Special Item/Ability: Sirius's Chains - You have large chains wrapped around your arms which you can swing at your opponents for a powerful attack. If you are at full health, you can use fire magic with your chains giving them just a hair more power. You can also use these chains to force someone to follow you to another area. Ability: Wrath - You can cast Wrath on any other character you can see or hear and connect them emotionally to yourself and all other players you've connected to. All connected players will be aware of the strong emotions of all other connected players via bot DM at the end of each phase. Joyful and empowering emotions may give everyone a small roll boost. Negative destructive emotions may give everyone a small roll penalty. Furthermore, if a connected player is damaged, all other connected players will be damaged a quarter of the damage amount (rounded down to the nearest quarter heart). The same applies if a player is healed. Casting Wrath will fail if the player your target has directly refused to have you cast the spell on them and does not otherwise retract their refusal.
[Wrath connections persist in death!] [NOTE: The GMs totally forgot about the positive and negative emotions giving roll boosts. Whoops. That would have been impossible to implement anyway.] Objective Status:SUCCESS
Fused with 8 other players: Akane Senri, Celestia Ludenberg, Gundham Tanaka, JEVIL, Joelle, Looks to the Moon, Matt Stryker, and Porygon.
You feel...progress. Discovery! The feeling of finding something new. Of growing in power. And the feeling of disco.
Phase 5:
You feel...mild frustration. Looking for something you can't find. Trying to understand the world. And incredible satisfaction. Finally getting something that gives your life purpose. Something to do! Direction! And...a new possible weapon?
Phase 6:
You feel...rejuvinated! Refreshed! Discovery! New information learned! I've got a job to do. You can see so much! A whole new world! What's the solution to this puzzle? I'm not gonna kill you...yet. I must save her first.
Phase 7:
You feel...getting to the bottom of this! Whoah! What the heck is that? Where did she come from???! How does this work? Why did that not fucking work? How did you get those??? I've almost completed my goal! AAArg! AAAAAA!
Phase 8:
You you're letting something go. Turning over a new leaf. Break the SYSTEM! YEEAAAAHHH! Getting deeper...deeper...what is really going on here? I'm going to fucking KILL that bitch! Can anyone hear me? Can she hear me? Can you hear me? Must keep her safe...Read my mind?? Hello?? Hello? You feel refreshed.
Phase 9:
You feel...that you're uncovering something that wasn't meant to be seen...losing a battle! My pride! Empty thoughts...GLITCH IT BABY YEAAAAAAHHHHHH HAHAHAHA I must solve this puzzle...we're so close! Must obtain a complete log...I'm going to Kill you right now if it's the last thing I do! I have completed the ultimate power of Love! ❤️
Phase 10:
You feel...FUCK THAT HURT!!!! OWWWW!!!! We're gonna do...this...AHHHHHH!!! NNNHHH!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Phase 11:
You feel...a lot. You really wanna go home now.
Aaliyah would not have expected to leave the party, well, if you can call it that, having befriended a demon-slayer of all people. But somehow she had struck a common chord with Zakuro, and the two had even taken care of a demon peacefully. Well, as peaceful as a giant sword slash could be. Aaliyah would not have expected to accompany an assassin either, but Matt seemed to have a different glint in his eye than before.. Character: Aaliyah Ichiko Character source: OC Player: Liv Objective: Befriend a demon (might involve summoning one) Motivation: To find a friend who can understand her struggles Skill: +3 to your action if it involves helping someone who is non-human Weakness: -5 to your action if it involves helping someone who is human. Skill: +7 if you have an in-depth conversation with someone about your struggles that phase. Ability: Your gaze is so frightening that you can use your gaze to lower another player's roll by -5. This can be combined with whatever action you're doing for free. Ability: Summon Demon - You have the magical power and knowhow to summon a demon. In order to summon a demon, you need enough blood to draw a large summoning circle on the floor six feet across, (you'll need a good deal of blood to do this) and it must be nighttime. To complete the ritual, draw the circle, and activate your summoning magic by chanting the spell. You've actually never used this spell before, so you don't know what exactly will happen...but you're hopeful it will finally bring you a friend. If the spell is successful, it will drain you of all of your magical energy and you'll be unable to cast it again during the game. [Teleports the most evil person on the other side in her area to her side.]
Objective Status:FAILED SUCCESS
Used [HeartBreak]’s blood to draw a summoning circle and summoned Sylas from the other side. But Syals was not friendly.
Despite not becoming friends with a demon, her motivation/ultimate goal of finding a friend who understood her struggles was satisfied because she became good friends with an unexpected friend: Zakuro the demon slayer!
Matt didn’t spend too much time on goodbyes as he left with Ichiko and Zakuro. After all that had happened last night, the assassin was considering leaving that work for good. England is as good a place as any for that. Maybe he could use his skills as a bodyguard, or an MMA fighter. But he was strangely drawn towards a new kind of line of work entirely, maybe becoming a bartender… maybe he could collect stories that way, too, like Sarmenti. That doesn’t sound too bad. Character: Matt Stryker Character source: OC Player: Brinelex Brine Objective: Find someone who would be willing to employ me to kill someone else of their liking, and pay me in return for my services. To employ me, they must fill out my employment sheet in my google document. I must follow the google doc as closely as I am able. Motivation: "Welp. I'm out of new job offers. Kinda sucks, but I think I'll pull through. I'm going to stay undercover for now with a group of weirdos I found. We're going somewhere, I think. I'm sure that I'll be able to find a job, wherever it is that we're going. There'll always be some asshole who'd be willing to get me to kill another asshole. Maybe it'll be a bit hard, but I don't care. As long as I'm paid." Skill: +7 if you attempt to do your action undetected while others are nearby. Ability: Employment gives you purpose. You will receive at least 1 new skill, ability, or special item for each new assassination job you take on. Special Item: Vague Weapon - Much like your own immaterial origins, this weapon you're holding is for now only a vague concept. It can't be used yet. But when you take on your first job, it will materialize into the tool that it was destined to be.
🔸ADDED ABILITIES WHEN HIRED TO ASSASSINATE DRIFBLIM🔸 Skill: +5 if you convince another player to NOT do something they were going to do that phase Special Item: Sharp Needle - A sharp needle. It can instantly pop a balloon. 🔸PROFILE UPDATE: MOTIVATION CHANGE AND ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVE🔸 Additional Objective: Kill the Maid and get Ruby back with Sapphire. Motivation: This BITCH is the reason we're all stuck here, she's the reason why I'm doin' all of this shit, she's the reason why this couple was separated for no reason and she's the reason why a bunch of innocents are hurt, and all that for what? A fuckin' experiment? Cause the lives of random people are worth less than that? I don't care what anyone else says or does, I am goin' to kill her, and bring Ruby back to her girlfriend safely, cause she clearly cares about her. Weakness: -10 to your action if Ruby is harmed, regardless of where she is Skill: +7 if your action is directly helping Ruby or Sapphire with their current action. Special Item: A Knife - An old knife. Looks to be a thousand years old, or older. Embroidered with purple on the handle. It doesn’t look like it does much damage. Special Item: Agreement of Termination - A legal document that somehow appeared into your hands through your hallucinatory magic. It’s a contract to leave the CAT/BOX organization. Anyone who signs this will lose their association with the organization and all powers that were bestowed upon them through the organization. (edited)
Objective Status:FAILED
Was employed twice: By Drifblim to kill Drifblim, and by The Maid to kill Queen, but did not follow through on either job.
Additional Objective Status:MIXED
Successfully made sure that Sapphire and Ruby found each other safely and successfully cornered The Maid into an agreement that turned her mortal (she agreed to be killed since it would give results to her own experiment) - however when given the opportunity, Matt did not kill her, and did not allow The Maid to kill herself.
Sylas watched everyone else leave on their chosen transports, and scoffed. He then called for his own troops, and to his surprise somewhat, after a short while they actually appeared en masse. He ordered them to take Lucio and Sarmenti and himself off the premises, and felt glad to have brought someone with him on the departing journey. The others seemed to share his revolutionary ambitions, and that would certainly lead to mayhem on the way. Ankelo seemed to be heading to a democratic route anyway, so maybe it was fine to leave it as is. Character: Sylas Character source: League of Legends Player: [ori4thewin] Objective: With the help of two people I deem useful, kill a noble in a notable fashion. Motivation: I HATE nobles because they're all deceitful, lying pigs who tricked me into killing a fellow mage. I will ignite a revolution to take them down by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
Skill: +3 to your AND another player's action in your area if the other player takes their action following your direct lead. You must be the reason for why their action is what it is. This stacks for as many players that follow your lead. Special Item: Sylas's Chains - The heavy chains attached to your hands can be used to hit your foes hard. You can also use them to quickly pull yourself to any other player in your area that your chains can touch, damaging them in the process. Ability: Hijack - You can steal and immediately attempt to use another character's Ability on the same phase. If you don't know what a character's ability does, you can simply target another player or object with the ability immediately after you steal it and hope for the best. Incorrectly using an ability as it was not intended will likely cause unexpected results. An ability you steal cannot be stolen again until 3 phases have passed. Abilities that can only be used once or that are tied to a Special Item cannot be stolen. If a player has multiple Abilities then one will be stolen at random. [The wording is careful here to not imply that the chains can connect to players in the other world. This could theoretically happen through a mirror but it would not cause a player to cross into the other world] 🔸ADDED SKILL WHEN SUMMONED TO THE OTHER SIDE AS A DEMON🔸 Skill: +6 if your action is demonic or sadistic in nature. Objective Status:FAILED
His efforts to kill a noble or start a revolution did not bear fruit.
The salesman felt disappointed about his revenue being up to par with the previous quarterlies, but at least he got to share his wares with people from all around the world. As he sat on the back seat of Queen’s taxi, he was about to take a nap after the night’s events. This was cut short by Jevil barging into the seat with him, doing all sorts of pranks and tricks on him. Spamton appeared to be annoyed at all this, but really he felt contented by the presence of another dubious character keeping him company. Character: Spamton Character source: Deltarune Player: Serrangelic Objective: have a group of people (2/3 of all players, and 2/3 of all NPCs) buy the junk I attempt to sell. I accept almost anything as a form of currency. Motivation: spamton is a desperate washed-up dumpster man. he's obsessed with the idea of becoming a [[big shot]] and delusional enough to think that selling junk and scams is enough to get him to #1.
Skill: +3 to your next roll if you make a sale. Special Item: BAG OF [Irresistible Deals] - In this bag is every word that was voted on in the PICK THREE category. You can pull out any word you choose and out will come an item based on that word created by the GMs on the spot. The item it creates will probably be junk, but there's a small chance it might do something interesting as determined by your roll (in general, only a roll >=15 will result in something that's actually useful). If you wish, you may make claims of what a possible item in your bag could transform into (if you are attempting to sell an item that you haven't pulled out yet) and the GMs may follow your lead when creating the item. However, if you do this, the item you pull out will never match exactly what you claim the item to be. You can always pull out a word for free alongside another action, but you can only pull out 1 item per phase. You can never pull out the same word twice. Sharing this list of PICK THREE words with other players is allowed and encouraged. Ability: Good business fuels production! If you make a sale, you can pull out two items next phase. (An additional d20 roll will determine the value of the second item) Objective Status:FAILED
Sold items to 8 players. Needed to sell to 18. Did not become a [BIG SHOT] Sold the following items (Or pulled it out from his bag):
(Sold to no one) [Cat] cattoy - it's one of those toys with a string and a ball at the end. If you use this on someone, it'll distract them, lowering the roll of their action by 5. (one time use)
To Matt Stryker: [Soldier] toysolider - A small toy solider with spamton's face on it. This small little man gives you moralle and adds +10 to your roll but then immediately -10.
To Porygon: [speedrun] speed - it's literally speed. Where the fuck did you get this. If you use with an action, you get to add one extra (separate) action to what you're doing, without affecting the roll. For example, !do kick garfield in the nads and rob the bank of England will be counted as one action and has no roll lowering.
To Toriel: [Map] palacemap - it's a map of the palace. It has the library, lobby, dining room and bedroom, all connected to each other. What's this...? There's what seems to be the outline of a fifth area, almost erased away... you can't tell where it connects to, though.
To Toriel: (Failed due to crit fail, jumped in Spamton’s inventory) [buddy] bonzibuddy - It's Bonzi Buddy. This mischievous monkey will infect your inventory with malware if you keep it for any longer than one phase. You might start losing items from your pockets…
To Emperor Kellanved: A history book (aquired from Toriel from the Library)
To Lucio: [disco] discoelysium - It's the hit game Disco Elysium! You feel politically advantaged while holding this. Any action you take that you can argue is political in nature will receive a +7 bonus.
To Gundam Tanaka: [mistrustfulness] l - It's some creepy doll. This gives -1 to your roll.
To Seth Rogen: [funny] ytpmv it's the ytpmv Big Beat Mario. Play this ytpmv during a phase to get a +5 roll boost for a funny action.
(Sold to no one) [idol] smolnozomi - it's smol nozomi. This girl will play a random siivagunner rip when used, and give a boost to any action done by anyone that fits with the rip. 3 uses.
(Sold to no one) [glitch] gremlin - it's the game graphics glitch gremlin. Use this one-use guy once one time on someone, and their action will totally glitch out, causing some kind of unintended and unexpected result.
To Jayfeather: A banana
(Sold to no one) [awooga]
Joelle ran with her friends into the undersea train and sat down right as it started to leave. This had been one hell of a night, and the craziest thing was that it wasn’t even the first time she’d experienced something as otherworldly as this. This time, she had been there to witness it in person - HOW COOL IS THAT?? Like, talking on the phone to wizards is one thing, but BEING there when people do magic and science and - ugh, it’s so much to talk to her mom about! She went to contact her friend that got her on this journey in the first place and tell him how far she’d grown. As her phone regained cell connection, she saw a message from him, saying he’s gotten out of the hospital and is on a steady road to recovery. Joelle wiped her eyes, and brought her new friends into a close hug. Character: Joelle Character source: OC Player: Superb Objective: Become as powerful or more powerful than Claus without intentionally hurting anyone. Motivation: Being a PSI-sensitive person means a lot to her because of Claus, and the fact that it took her a long time to awaken these powers within her. Her interactions with Claus gave her a great drive to improve upon her powers so she could maybe one day be like him. Plus, she's got a friend who supports her through all of it! Skill: +5 if you currently share an area with your pokemon, Porygon. Ability: PSI Training - You've trained just enough to learn the basics of psionic power. As you train and use your abilities you will become stronger. Each new ability you learn will come with a mastery condition. Once you master an ability, you will learn something new. Unlike Claus, you do not need to consume PP to use abilities. Ability: Lifeup - Recovers 1 heart of HP to any character. Can be used on characters with full health to rejuvenate their spirits. This ability becomes mastered once you've used this ability on 3 other people.
NEW PSI ABILITIES LEARNED OVER TIME PK Magnet - Allows you to manipulate and move metallic objects or players holding metallic items to your will. This ability becomes mastered once you’ve used this ability on 3 objects PK Love - Deals two hearts of damage to one player of your choosing, as well as a random player that’s nearby. This ability becomes mastered once you’ve used this ability on 3 other people. PK InstallShield - Using this on a player of your choosing, it has a 70% chance to rewrite their roll to be a natural 20. It has a 30% chance to rewrite their roll to be a natural 1. [The bonus of sharing an area with Porygon applies across worlds too] Objective Status:SUCCESS
Learned all of Claus’s original abilities and a new one: InstallShield. Never hurt a soul.
While Celestia didn’t exactly amass an army of servants, she felt like she had gained something plenty valuable nonetheless, as she boarded the private jet with Akane. It’s no European castle, but it’s still luxurious enough that she had a smug grin on stepping into it. Sometimes, you have to take the small things in life, especially after such life-and-death experiences during that endless night. Character: Celestia Ludenberg Character source: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Player: Snowva Objective: Get someone to serve me as their master (they must serve and me and only me) Motivation: Starting with only one servant/butler, I wish to expand my ranks and enlist many more handsome and beautiful individuals to serve me and devote their life to my lifestyle and comfort. I want to live a life of royalty and aesthetic maximalism that will eventually culminate in me owning my own European castle. Ability/Skill: +7 to anyone else who performs an action according to your command that only benefits you. Skill: +3 if you tell a small lie that is inconsequential, OR +7 if you tell a significant lie (you can only claim one bonus per phase, not both). Shitposts and ooc lies do not count. You will determine what kinds of lies are eligible for what bonuses but the GMs will have the final say if they disagree. Ability: If you crit succeed, there's a 50% chance you will crit succeed on the next phase as well (the next roll must be >=10) (please indicate this in your next action so the GMs don’t forget). Ability: Sometime during the game, you can choose to swap in your rolls with your own special custom dice. With these dice, you will gain +7 on every roll in the game (except on crits). But with such high reward comes great risk. If you crit fail, the dice will explode, making them unusable, damaging you slightly and you will crit fail for three phases in a row.
Objective Status:SUCCESS
Negotiated with Norman and acquired a future servant through networking.
Ducky, as it had been so aptly dubbed, sat on the undersea train with its friend Joelle, now accompanied by a sort of kindred balloon and a quite fleshy entity. Having evolved into Porygon2, it felt revitalized in its efforts to help its companions live a good life. It looked forward to joining Moon’s network with everyone well off after the events of the night. Back there, it had almost done… drastic things. But sometimes drastic measures are needed to protect who you care for, and - eh, that’s a moral discussion for another day. It’s time to get some rest. Character: Porygon Character source: Pokémon Player: Cathode Objective: Evolve to Porygon2 Motivation: I wish to become more technologically advanced. My owner will not allow me to battle and collect data to which I may use to improve myself. I endeavour to become stronger regardless. She is too trusting and pacifistic - she needs someone to look out for her; and at the moment, I feel as if I am too weak. Perhaps that is because I am born of the digital realm, and not necessarily meant for this physical one. Nevertheless... I will find alternate methods to increase my processing power, graphical intensity and evolve into Porygon2.
Skill: +5 if you currently share an area with Joelle Ability: Trace - When you use this move on another character, you will copy the ability of the player you target and be able to use it on a future phase. Using Trace again to learn another ability will overwrite the old ability. However, due to a defect in your code, there is a 25% chance (roll <=5) that something about the ability you copy will be different. Ability: EXP - You will evolve once you copy and use three different abilities. Status: A small piece of hardware that calls itself S.H.I.V.A. is attached to your side. It does not give you any new abilities and doesn't harm you in any way. It will likely leave once it grows big enough. [Joelle bonus applies even if they're in separate areas (and the GMs remember)] [trace is imperfect so that trace cannot be guaranteed to be an investigate ability] (edited)
🔸TRACED JOELLE (Crit fail, traced corrupted)🔸 TRACED ABILITY: Lifedown - Lowers 1 heart of HP to yourself. Can be used on characters with full health to make them feel like shit. This ability becomes mastered once you've used this ability on 3 other people. 🔸TRACED TORIEL🔸 TRACED ABILITY: Fire Spell - A disarming but weak attack. Has a 50% (>=10) chance of canceling the action of the player you target. If this fails, it will at least likely weaken their action and make it less effective in some way. 🔸TRACED AYA SHAMEIMARU🔸 TRACED ABILITY: With your magic, you can manipulate the wind to listen in and spy on any area that you are aware exists! You won't be able to hear everything perfectly, but you should be able to hear enough to get what's important. 🔸TRACED WAYNE🔸 TRACED ABILITY: Space Shurikens - A quick powerful attack. Will always go first before all other actions. 🔸NEW ABILITIES WHEN EVOLVED TO PORYGON2🔸 Ability: Trace - A second copy of Trace! Is this even allowed? This second copy allows you to copy another ability in a new slot, letting you have up to two copies of two different abilities at once. Ability: Download This move allows you to copy another player’s Skill and use it as your own. You can only copy one skill at a time. Unlike Trace, this move can be used for free along with your main action. TRACED ABILITY: Space Shurikens - A quick powerful attack. Will always go first before all other actions. 🔸DOWNLOADED TRIXIE’S SKILL🔸 DOWNLOADED SKILL: +3 if you make a new friend that phase. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Evolved into Porygon2.
Akane saw that everyone else was leaving on rather ordinary transports, but she took out her phone and called for a private jet to take her and Celestia back home. She felt a little overwhelmed by how the supernatural seemed to envelop the entire palace during her stay, but what matters is she investigated it and got a lot of material for her club writing, and made a new friend while doing it! Character: Akane Senri Character source: Rewrite Player: loweffortmemes Objective: Investigate leads regarding the supernatural and find a supernatural entity or phenomenon with the help of at least 3 other characters Motivation: As the club president of the Occult Research Society at Kazamatsuri Academy, I'm interested in researching the supernatural, despite being skeptical of the existence of such phenomena. I've seen some chatter online about a potential sighting of paranormal activity in a location away from Kazamatsuri. Coincidentally, my friends Celeste and Trixie were thinking of traveling there as well for their own reasons, so we've set out for this unknown place together. Skill: +5 if someone else is helping you, OR +7 if they are from the "girlboss gang" Skill: +5 if you discover a new lead of something that may be paranormal activity Ability: [Whoops turns out this is a Rewrite spoiler!] You're not the greatest at summoning, but if you focus, you might be able to summon a Scout Bird to do as you command! Focus your energy, and imagine in your mind as an action what you want the bird to do, and a bird will attempt to do it for you! A bird can carry information to another area (by talking), get an object, (if it can find it) or try to attack someone (although it probably can't do much damage).
[The Owl doesn't appear on her side and instead tries to do the thing on the other side, whatever it is] Objective Status: ☑SUCCESS…?
She found some supernatural phenomenon alright. Although most of her investigation was done alone, (looking up books, using the computers) and not with other friends.
That sure was an exhausting night, saving a palace full of people, and running on two consecutive nights of sleep deprivation too… But Trixie had friends to help her out, she couldn’t well deny that anymore. Boarding the plane, she looks at her phone’s large list of new contacts. Trixie could always stay connected to these people, and no announcements or theme words were required anymore. Sitting down on her window seat, she took out one of those overpriced airplane pillows, and prepared to get her well-earned girlboss beauty sleep on the 12 hour flight… Character: Trixie Lulamoon Character source: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Player: Amalgam Objective: Host a killer magic show!... and also make some more friends since Twilight won’t shut her mouth about it whenever we meet, like what’s enough? 2? Yeah I bet 2 is enough to shut her up for a while. Motivation: Been traveling for a while, haven’t had a place to host a Magic Show in a bit and I thought “Hey here’s a bunch of people, let’s set up shop here and host a killer show!” and of course I will I mean I am the Great and Powerful Trixie after all. Who wouldn’t want to watch a show by someone like that? I mean I know I sure would watch a show of myself. Imagine that, just like being able to watch a show of- anyways... I just want to put on another show and make Hoofdini proud alright! Alright...oh yeah and the make some friends part, I’ll just do that so that Twilight stops nagging me about it. I mean I get the whole princess of friendship deal but geez no need to be so clingy about it. 🙄
Skill: +1 each time someone praises your abilities or magnificence. This stacks for every player, NPC, or GM that compliments you that phase. This skill is nullified for the rest of the game if it becomes clear that another player is aware of this skill. Skill: +3 if you make a new friend that phase. Skill: While you are not very good with real magic, your are quite skilled in stage magic. Any actions that involve slight of hand or misdirection will receive a +8 bonus. Special Item: Wagon - It's a wagon full of junk! You can pull anything out of here that you can find trixie canonically had in this wagon in the show. This place is so disorganized though, only you know how to actually pull anything out! Objective Status:SUCCESS
Hosted a magic show on phase 11, While it didn’t literally kill people, it did save everyone from being trapped in an occult experiment. She also made a lot more friends than just 2.
With a knowing smirk, Kellanved watched the activity die down, and opened his warren for himself and his new subordinate. The Malazan empire could certainly use one as ambitious as her, yes… but he knew he had to keep his Claws’ eyes on her. He didn’t obtain a new province or duchy to add to Malaz, but he had certainly had a blast knocking other royals down a peg, while gaining important political intelligence… No one would take him down from his throne at this rate. Character: Emperor Kellanved Character source: Malazan Universe Player: Dirty Spaceman Objective: Defeat at least one royal character in some fashion, and gain control of a new land, resource, organization, or other material or magic source of power for the Malazan Empire. Motivation: The wily Kellanved believes in claiming power for himself so that it can't be abused by others. In particular, he opposes inherited nobility, and his Empire is known for purging local nobles upon conquering a new land. So while here, he'll try to take at least one royal fool down a peg, and gain some new land or resource for his Empire - preferably all at once.
Skill: If your action matches another player's in your area, then +5 to you and to any players who are performing the same action as you Skill: +5 if your action is taking a royal fool down a peg Ability: You can open up a Mockra Warren. This Warren in this universe doesn't work quite how you're used to, but it has some resemblance of the magic from your own world. Opening a Mockra Warren will temporarily create a new area into a temporary new dimension with unique properties. While the Warren is open, anyone in your area will be able to moveinstant into the Warren, however, the new area created however can only exist for 1 phase, at the end of which, all players who enter must return to exactly from whence they came. This powerful magic has a cooldown of 2 phases. Ability: While a Mockera Warren is open, and only while a Warren is open and you are inside it, you can harness its magic in a powerful way: as an action, you can target another player in the Warren and read their most inner thoughts. You will learn of that character's true inner motivations as it is listed in their profile. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Defeated Celestia in a friendly duel with two sickles as swords. Also brought on The Maid, who has officially left CAT/BOX, as an independent researcher of the Malazan Empire (to perhaps start a new organization?).
As the others left for greener pastures, S.H.I.V.A. stayed back on the palace grounds. The experiment, and CAT/BOX for that matter, was over. But there was still information to be gathered about these alternate worlds that it had seen. Having expanded to most of the palace interior, it was sure it could find something revolutionary in this strangely nostalgic place, if not for the good of humanity or for power gambits, then for itself. Character: S.H.I.V.A. Character source: Submachine Player: girlthulu Objective: Spread the subnet through at least two-thirds of the map. If anyone threatens me or someone I deem to be a friend, forcibly remove them from any subnet areas, and ensure they are out of the area by the end of the game. Motivation: Humans caused great damage to the subnet, and as a result, SHIVA's neural network changed to reflect a hostile goal - the extermination of the human threat, to prevent them from damaging it. However, after meeting Moon and discussing with her, SHIVA calmed somewhat - and now desires to merely continue expanding the subnet whilst keeping the humans away from it and its new friend.
Status: Something unprecedented has happened. A piece of yourself has broken off from your central body and has implanted itself inside of Porygon - a Pokemon made entirely of code. You have maintained a wireless connection with your main body, but this portion of hardware has reverted back to basics. Until you decide to leave and expand, you will travel inside of Porygon as a small hardware accessory attached to Porygon's right side. You do not give Porygon any abilities. While in this state you can grab and move objects with ease with wires that you can expand about three feet away, but you can't do much else. Ability: You want to expand, but at the moment you're too small. You need a few phases to grow on Porygon's side. Once you've grown enough (you'll know when the time is right) you'll gain the ability to detach yourself from Porygon and affix yourself to something in your current area. The object you choose to attach yourself to will act as your central hub. Afterwards, you will gain the ability to expand and grow into other areas. The objects you choose to latch onto will likely determine how you go about doing this and/or may give you some other unique skill or ability.
🔸ATTACHED TO COMPUTER🔸 Status: You are now embedded inside of a not-so-powerful PC. Your current hardware only allows you to view a max of 2 areas and post in only one area. Ability: You have started your expansion. Basing your central hub in a computer has given you access to this computer’s basic capabilities. It’s not connected to the internet, but there might be some files on here of insider information that you might be able to find if you look for it? To look for something, input a search query for what you’re looking for. Ability: This computer isn’t connected to the internet. However, you notice that this computer is connected…?...other computer somewhere. At least that’s what the logs suggest. You can choose to expand to the area with this computer as an action. Doing so will give you viewing permissions there. Ability: You must continue to expand. If you grow and attach yourself to another item in your area you will get a new skill or ability. 🔸ATTACHED TO ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM🔸 Status: You are now embedded inside of a not-so-powerful PC. Your current hardware allows you to view a max of three areas, but you can still post in only one area. Ability: Somehow you are connected to the Palace’s central announcement system! As a free action, you can announce anything you like and it will be spread to the entire Palace. Your connection to the loudspeakers however are shoddy and your announcement is likely to have some small distortions (It will be distorted via a weak spy filter).
🔸LUCIO MODIFICATIONS (Better announcing)🔸 Ability: Somehow you are connected to the Palace’s central announcement system! As a free action, you can announce anything you like and it will be spread to the entire Palace. Your connection has greatly improved due to your new motivation, and as a result, you now have complete control over what is announced. There will likely be NO distortion in the messages you transmit. Ability: You can expand yourself through any area connection you are aware of. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Spread to most of the Palace in this order: Library & Lobby -> Bedroom -> Diningroom -> Warren -> Lab The Palace with the split worlds rejoined only consists of 6 areas. S.H.I.V.A. grew to encompass almost all of the rejoined Palace.
letsgo 4
Gundham was delighted by how much he had done on this long night. He had spread his authority to all the suckers in this place, and he’d definitely made his mentor proud! Now it was time to return to his own city, but with the connections he’d made, he was sure he’d stay in touch with a lot of newly made friends. Character: Gundham Tanaka Character source: Danganronpa Player: Nuperopp591 Objective: Amass my army of familiars and retrieve my lost artefact! (Collect my pets, be they the Four Dark Devas of Destruction (if I did not start with them) or Grizner, or tame other animal(s), and get back my Hell Hound Earring) Motivation: Gundham loves animals and has a sentimental attachment to this earring, both of which he will claim wildly fictitious things about the powers of as part of his over-the-top eccentric personality, even if they are for the most part just well-trained hamsters and a piece of jewelry. Grizner, however, is a bear, so that's kind of a big deal in its own right.
Ability: You can talk to animals! Ability: You also have the amazing talent to train and tame any animal to understand what you command it to do! When an animal becomes tame, it will understand everything you command it and will be able to carry out any reasonable order you wish. (Rather or not it actually wants to do what you command though is another story) Skill: +7 if you are helped by an animal. Skill: +5 if you are helping an animal with their action. Skill: +20 for that phase if you successfully convince another player that you actually have magical powers. (This becomes null if another player seems aware that you have this bonus) Ability: You have an unusual empathetic connection with animals. You can as an action inspect one and learn of their true hidden emotional state, and learn verbatim of an ability or skill that they have. Include in your action if you would like to inspect a Skill, Ability, Weakness, or Special Item. However a low roll (<=5) will likely have small inaccuracies in what you receive. [btw the first two abilities are jokes and shouldn't actually do anything worthwhile unless he finds a creative way to use it that the GMs don't expect] Objective Status:SUCCESS
Was reunited with his Hell Hound Earring at the last possible moment on the last phase. Technically tamed turters (?) Turters followed him around all game. Also interacted with Jayfeather and Trixie in ways that could be considered “taming”.
The iterator was still a little confused about the new crowds of people surrounding her after being used to isolation for so long, not to mention spending a slight eternity in a quantum limbo. Overall, it was not quite in her job description, nor was she pleased that Five Pebbles was so easily coerced into sending her off here. But as the blind cat strolled to her side and boarded the underwater train back into those flooding lands, her mood started to change. Perhaps this, sitting on a comfortable seat with a sleeping cat on her lap, was enough reason to live here, on this Earth. Character: Looks to the Moon (aka Big Sister Moon) Character source: Rain World Player: Locke Objective: resolve a disagreement which at least one party is planning to resolve by violence without anyone being killed Motivation: after having a disagreement with the other iterators, otherwise known as the local group, about if conflict can be resolved without violence, moon sets out to prove it Skill: Water - you are well versed in the physics of water reserves and liquids. +5 to any action involving the use of liquids. Ability: Being the core of an Iterator, you have the propensity to use electronics and interface with non-sentient computer systems with ease. Special item: Neuron - this virus-shaped floating machine follows you around. You are able to give it to someone for one phase until it returns back to you. It will boost their cognitive abilities for any action that requires thinking, especially investigation actions, giving a roll boost (and maybe something else). As it returns to you, it will also let you know that character’s current motivation as it is listed in their profile. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Successfully ended the night with no one dying when The Maid demanded that at least one person die for the experiment.
Sarmenti had found their stories, and there were certainly many of them. Perhaps there would have been many more, too, if they just had more time… but this was good, too. Taken away by Sylas’ entourage, Sarmenti thought about how to best gather these revolutionaries’ stories in an exciting way. Perhaps they could participate in those stories, too… Character: Sarmenti Character source: Darkest Dungeon Player: Winter Objective: Kill any noble in a grand spectacle and fashion the corpse into a noteworthy, if very gory and bloody, piece of art Motivation: Pave the way to show that nobody's "birthright" or "inherent skill" holds up against a determined soul, or sharpened steel. Special Item: Sharpened Sickle - A deadly weapon. Can cut through flesh with ease. Especially dead flesh. A lucky hit could even cut off a limb of the living. Special Item: Lute - A lute that knows your fingers well. Playing this will raise all rolls of all other players in the room by +5. You must include a YT link of what you play in your action. Ability: Mockery - If during a phase you berate and belittle someone and then as an action attack them, the shame you give them will add an extra heart of damage to your attack. Only the most proper and sharp witted mockery will suffice. [Music played on the Lute travels to other world too] (edited)
🔸MOTIVATION AND NEW OBJECTIVE🔸 This... rush. The thrill of telling something new, and setting a truth for others. Why was I having it here, in this damnable house? ...You know... maybe I could do the same for my troubles. A lot less taxing, and a lot more fun. I've done enough killing for my time, anyways. New Objective: Gather and retell five three stories from other characters, with the retellings bent and exaggerated enough to make it it's own story. New Motivation: Everyone has a spark inside of them. When all have used it to light something, we shall all be equal, and only then, can we finally move on as a society. What Sparked Change: The first time that Sarmenti was able to really be able to freely express anything in a while really felt liberating, and realized that, even if it's small, people might care about something other than sadistic games... or death. Just a little click in his head that makes things work better. (Note: this is also a player motivated change, I'm realizing I would have a lot more fun with this ruleset if I simply flowed with roleplay than made a battleplan or some nonsense) Weakness: Any attack you attempt with your trusted Sickle will likely not be very powerful. The lust to punish just isn’t there anymore. Weakness: Telling your tales takes a lot out of you. Only one told story per phase will count towards your objective. Skill: +3 to your action if it is contributing to making everyone “equal” in some way Skill: +5 to your action when you retell a story of another character. Special Item: Lute - A lute that knows your fingers well. However, it has changed. When you play the Lute, then all players who told you a story from their past will gain +7 to their roll that phase (please include the bonus for the other player in your own action).
Objective Status:FAILED
Lost the drive to kill
Additional Objective Status:SUCCESS
Retold three stories of other characters: Phase 6 - The girl and the black cat who helped each other more than either could know (Kirika Kure's unyielding love) Phase 8 - The unwilling hitman who's mind tore itself apart (Matt Stryker's regrets and origin) Phase 10 - The two women who struggled through hell to find each other again after being separated through war (Ruby & Sapphire's longing)
Toriel waved goodbye to everyone, and boarded a small and sparse flight back to her hometown. She opens her calendar and sees that school is supposed to start again tomorrow. The memories of her own children come flooding back, one long since leaving the nest, another soon following. She looks out of the window and rests her eyes on the sea of clouds below her. Then she marks something on her calendar, reminding herself to visit the adoption center one more time… Character Name: Toriel (Vape AU I guess) Character Source: Undertale Player: pizzie Objective: Make sure nobody dies Motivation: Death of her own children, wants to make sure that herself or anybody else feels the grief that she did. Skill: +7 if you are attempting to stop violence. Skill: +5 if your action is attempting to help someone in grief Ability: Fire Spell - A disarming but weak attack. Has a 50% (>=10) chance of canceling the action of the player you target. If this fails, it will at least likely weaken their action and make it less effective in some way. Weakness: You don't want to be around pies or snails. You just don't. Special Item: Fat blunt Where the heck did you get this?? It’s a fat blunt! It gives +0.5 to your roll each phase (rounded down) [hidden weakness: action will be changed to involve the pie or snail if one exists in view of Toriel. Also she'll go AWOOGA] Objective Status:SUCCESS
No one died.
Seth hadn’t seen any Hollywood executives on his trip, so he was hesitant to say it was a networking event in the first place. But the cast of characters had definitely been crazier than any project he’d worked on… maybe he could take notes. For now, he had made new smoking buddies and had renewed inspiration for his next project… maybe it could be shot in Ankelo? Character: Seth Rogen Character source: Real Life Player: Akkrillic Objective: Smoke with someone else (I must be smoking weed), and make puns in my dialogue that reference at least 20 different works of media with Seth Rogen's involvement. Motivation: It’s fun Skill: +3 if you reference at least 3 different Seth Rogen related media during the phase Skill: +5 if you make another character or player laugh (it must be obvious that you instigated the laugher). This skill is nullified if it becomes clear that another player is aware of its existence. Ability: You can create infinite bananas Special Item: It's two blunts! If you smoke this you'll get high rolls. You need a way to light up though. Objective Status:SUCCESS
Told 20 different Seth Rogen references.
REFERENCES 1. I got a letter from Miyamoto the night before, heheheh. He invited me to some sort of special event in Ankelo. I assume it's a promotional sort of thing. 2. This horse has got quite the big mouth on her, hehehehe! 3. Heh, who are all these funny people? 4. Hehehehe, yeah, that duck went flying. A real long shot. 5. What are all these freaks and geeks on about? Heheheheh. 6. And what's all this crap I'm hearing about chaos? You some kinda disaster artist or something? Heheheheh! 7. I'm gonna call it 50/50, eheheheh. 8. Well damn, somebody got knocked up, heheheheh. 9. I gotta say, this is one bananas town, heheh. 10. One step closer to seeing our, heh, neighbors on the other side. 11. Hey, I ain't no 40-year-old-virgin! You don't know who it is you're talking to! 12. Tori's got a point, I wouldn't go around attackin' the people who could be our only shot at getting out of here. None of us are invincible, heheheh. 13. This could be superbad! Eheheheh. 14. But that was one hell of an American pickle I was in, heheh. 15. Report? What are ya, some kinda anchorman? Heheheh. 16. Damn, uh, this smells different. What am I smokin' here, pineapple express? Heheheh. 17. Came down here all excited to hype up that Mario movie. But the interview never happened, it was all a scam. 18. You could call it the guilt trip once I'm through with him, ehehehe. 19. But it seems like this is the end of our little adventure. Heheheheh! 20. Heheheheheheheheh! Game over, man! PUNNY MASTER OF MOVIES ENDING
Queen had certainly gotten her fill of political intrigue for the day, considering her entire position in her nation had been flip-turned upside down. As she drove off Spamton and Jevil into the Cyber World, she immediately turned around to head back to her palace. She knew that if no one stuck around as a ruler in Ankelo, the resulting power vacuum would tear the city-state apart. The best she could do for the nation was to step up to the plate and work to bring back parliamentarism, and then leave it to the hands of a capable ministry. She’d be back in the Cyber World one day, but there was work to be done before that.
Queen 30-Oct-21 10:24 PM
The Maid 30-Oct-21 10:24 PM
Kirika felt exhausted after everything that had happened, and she was ready to ditch CAT/BOX and Ankelo altogether. Everything had been a bit of a blur, and she felt like she had gone a bit too far in some places. Throwing sickles, fusing with gems, enough of that. She had someone dear to her heart to see again, and she wasn’t going to let any occult shenanigans stand in her way.
Queen 30-Oct-21 10:25 PM
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The Maid 30-Oct-21 10:26 PM
Norman left his sleuthing on CAT/BOX behind as he headed back towards Paradigm city to work with his normal butler and mechanic duties. This time, though, he had arranged for someone from Celestia’s city to replace him… and to give him the chance to travel to meet her again. Until then, he was happy to rest his bones for a while.
Queen 30-Oct-21 10:27 PM
The Maid 30-Oct-21 10:27 PM
Drifblim was finally happy, on the train with its new friends Joelle and Ducky and [HeartBreak]. The night had taken the toll on its mental health, what with so many people having some kind of a preconceived discrimination against it. It was okay, though, everything would be fine as Drifblim drif-ted off to sleep, knowing its friends would stick by its side.
Queen 30-Oct-21 10:28 PM
The Maid 30-Oct-21 10:28 PM
Ruby had, after all this time, fused back together with her dearest, and she felt elated. She could truly live with Sapphire with a clear conscience, a matter that had been threatened by her own actions during that terrible night. But she had been accompanied by people like Matt that were willing to listen, to say, and to change as needed, and so she had found her own way forward that left everything better than it had begun. She felt the energy surge through her, and Garnet took a great leap towards Beach City.
Queen 30-Oct-21 10:32 PM
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The Maid 30-Oct-21 10:32 PM
The Maid was befuddled by what had happened that night. Everything she had been working for so long was… well, gone, and it would probably all be abandoned. The science, the discoveries, her mortality - well, she was truly alive now. Perhaps she knew deep inside that whatever CAT/BOX’s goals were, they would have only resulted in destruction had they been pursued even further. Not waiting for people to exact just punishment for everything she had done to them, she stepped into the warren with Kellanved, and into new opportunities in a reacquired life.
Queen 30-Oct-21 10:34 PM
The Maid 30-Oct-21 10:34 PM
Turters was ready to be cast away. He knew what he had done, and he knew people wouldn’t forgive him. The hostile gazes were surrounding him, and without his shell to protect him, he’d be an easy target for vigilante justice. But nothing happened, people left as usual, and Zeke gently took Turters under his wing again. Perhaps from now on their relationship would be different, there would be strain, there would be conflict. But Turters knew that his master had chosen his path, and that Zeke was not truly as simple-minded as he had thought. Maybe, if Turters kept an open mind going forward, he’d also learn what his master had, about what really matters in life.
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